Zee’s 3rd Birthday: Kids’ Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

When you move halfway across the world to a place where you don’t know any other parents with young children and your kid’s version of playtime is nursing and chewing on everything in sight, throwing a birthday party seems silly. So for my daughter’s 1st and 2nd birthdays, we were either with my Mom in Southern California or in Disneyland. By a few months prior to Zee’s 3rd birthday, however, we had made a number of good friends with whom we wanted to really celebrate her birthday for the first time with a themed Frozen birthday party with a visit from Arendelle’s royalty.

We had the party at our home, which unfortunately is on a steep hill and does not have a yard. Still, the kids had a lot to do.

You almost couldn’t tell that my daughter wasn’t feeling well that day and that nobody had much sleep at all the night before.


Though throughout my pregnancy, I repeated over and over again that I refuse to ever turn my home into a colorful mess of toys, in reality that is exactly what happened. The living room has officially been claimed by Zee as her space to play. We have a toy kitchen, a mini market, a few small ride-on toys, and a lot of random little toys all over the place.


The kids seemed pretty entertained, even though it was arguably a bit chaotic.

The trampoline we bought a week before the party was also a big hit.

Unfortunately, this specific trampoline was a bit too large for our living room and I didn’t like the insufficient padding along the poles.

The kids also danced with each other a little bit as songs from the Frozen soundtrack played in the background.

Anna and Elsa were a big hit with my daughter and the kids.

We go to Disneyland often and she’s always happy to meet the princesses, but they have so many royal visitors that they never have the time to stop and chat.

So we made time for Anna & Elsa to sit with her for 15-20mins while she chatted with them and showed them her toys.

Afterwards, they sat with the kids to tell an interactive story and sing songs.

They also made time to take a picture with each of the guests before the birthday song and cake.

Cake + Sweet Treats

The cake had three tiers in three different flavors.

We had each family bring home a large slice of cake from the bottom two tiers and froze the top tier to have at another date.


There were a pretty wide variety of sweet treats.

This was her first time she had ever had her own cake pop..

her own cupcake..

and tried vanilla frosted animal crackers.

Fortunately, she had a banana just before her party started. It may have been the healthiest thing she ate before dinner that day.


We served a variety of savory foods ranging from sliders to pizza to Swedish meatballs along with cheese and crackers.

We also served “Melted Olaf” yogurt cups with candy corn noses and pretzel sticks for arms along with Olaf cheese sticks, drawn by my stepdad Robert.

Party Favors

I bought white paper bags in bulk mostly because I think they’re more versatile and extras can be used for Zee to color/draw on when we send gifts to grandparents. (Because let’s face it – the only people who would appreciate that would be her parents and grandparents.) I cut the snowflakes off of some decoration I had bought for the party and decided not to use.

The bags were filled with a variety of items: play-doh, bubbles, coloring books, crayons, stickers, Frozen-themed freeze dried fruit, and fruit snacks.


So, putting aside all of the snowflakes on the windows and the draped teal colored sparkly fabric we used on the tables, this was absolutely my favorite bit of the decoration. It took me 3 hours to do this, which is admittedly a little bit.. sad.

We also had silver burlap, lots of balloons, crystals, teal fabric, and used A LOT of our Christmas ornaments to decorate the table.

Personal Thoughts

Overall, it was a great day. We were so grateful to have had so much help from my friend Rechel, my Mom, her husband Robert, and his best friend Ernie. We were also very grateful to have our friends and Zee’s friends over to celebrate that day.

Although Zee was feeling under the weather, she was pretty happy throughout the entire party and she continued to talk about it for an entire year until she had her Moana themed 4th birthday party a few days ago. Every time we went to Disneyland or met the princesses on our trip to Disney World, she would talk about how Anna & Elsa went to her birthday party.

Ahhh.. to believe in magic again.


Photos taken by Ross Marlowe.

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